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This dynamic e-book tells the story of the 'Learners and Mobile Devices' project - a two year national project funded by Ako Aotearoa in partnership with six New Zealand tertiary institutions, led by the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) over the period 2014-2015.
The project investigated the ways in which teachers could use mobile devices for the benefit of learners.  It was based on a communities of practice model developed at AUT where teachers were equipped with mobile devices and then supported to learn about the affordances of the devices for making changes to practice and enhancing student learning.
The project aimed to scale this model across the five partner institutions (Eastern Institute of Technology, Massey University, Otago Polytechnic, The University of Auckland, and UNITEC Institute of Technology).  Local coordinators at each institution recruited teachers to participate, facilitated the CoP development in their own contexts, and also liaised with the central AUT project team (see the diagram of the project structure). All participants were equipped with a smartphone and tablet, and then developed different approaches to their practice that incorporated their growing familiarity with m-learning.
This e-book serves as the final report of the project, and contains a wealth of data and resources that illustrate the complexity of a process that coordinated the efforts of some 54 participants (39 practitioners, 8 local coordinators, and the AUT project team of 9 staff).  We encourage the reader to make their own way (using the table of contents in the top left of the page  ) through the rich store of practitioner reflections, data from learners, and the innovative bi-cultural framework for m-learning, and apply relevant approaches and learning to their own context.  We look forward to feedback, which can be provided as comments at the foot of each page (click on the speech bubble icon- ). 

To cite this report in its entirety, please use the following: “Frielick, S. & Sciascia, A. D. (Eds.) (2016).  #npf14lmd: Learners and Mobile Devices. National Project Fund report. Wellington, N.Z.: Ako Aotearoa. Retrieved from http://mobilelearners.nz"

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